Consultation Services

My fifteen years of professional service to the educational community and consequently interaction with inspirational professionals has fostered the development of several key theories and skill sets. It would be my pleasure to come and share my thoughts and consulting expertise with your organization. Some topics and skills commonly solicited are:

  • Effective and Efficient Instructional Design with Technology
  • How do I convince my stakeholders that this IS the correct tool?
  • No you don’t need 100 iPad apps and stop searching
  • Learning and Development – Personal Knowledge Networks – Organizational Learning
  • Organizational Efficiency with Technology as an Amplifier
  • iPad Implementation Best Practices – Technically and Educationally
  • Assistive Technology From A Technical Perspective
  • What do I really need in my classroom? What should I do with them once “these items” are here?
  • Why don’t these iPads, classroom clickers, SMARTBoards…WORK?