About Me

My skill sets center on deploying instructional technology, assistive technology, and theoretically correct learning and development best practices. This could range from professional endeavors to personal pursuits. Technology is a force in today’s society and it is my passion to make it productively accessible to all walks of life.

Currently, I am fostering my own learning and development at Frontline Education as a solutions consultant. This opportunity is my newest adventure and has exposed me to hundreds of school districts, state departments of education, educational gurus, and higher education institutions throughout the country. As you may know, Frontline Education is about providing actionable insights for the ever-challenging world of human investment. Frontline Education supports K12 districts in their quest find the best educational experts and ensures they continue to grow meeting their aptitude.

Prior to this position, I was a technical sales engineer and product owner for eInstruction by Turning Technologies and an assistant technology director for Clinton Township School District in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Before all the technology, it was pure music education as an instrumental music teacher at Holland Township School District also in Hunterdon County, New Jersey.

I have been in the field of K12 education for approximately 18 years. It all started with a degree from Temple University’s Esther Boyer College of Music. During my formative years as a professional, I attended and graduated from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania with a Masters degree in Instructional Design and Development. Most recently, I also graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a Doctorate in Educational Leadership. Although I may be done with obtaining formal degrees, my learning has just begun.

As you might guess, my interests lie in new technologies, innate learning, and how they can be recognized in all sectors of life. Technology as a whole is influencing every aspect of our society. Finding where the usefulness of this influence exists (especially in everyday learning) is where I find my interests. This includes harnessing the power of the community brain empowered through modern social media and as a result the development of personal learning networks of knowledge.

It is my preference to be surrounded by autonomous individuals who favor and understand the overwhelming benefits of knowledge networks instead of singular silos of expertise. It is these continually-evolving, informal learning environments that peak my interest and keep me inspired each day. Ultimately, it is my life’s vision to inspire people to inspire themselves so that they may reach their ultimate potential.

Paul Chepolis