iRecorder Update

A few months back, I referenced a great iOS app iRecorder Pro. I cannot say enough about this app. It records for hours without a hitch even when the device goes to sleep allowing for great battery life. I have had staff members record meetings for up to five hours and not have issues. It records in .m4a formats and does it economically with regards to both data size and quality.

The people at SimpleTouch Software made this app even better. The app will automatically “chunck” longer recordings for emailing so that it will meet the data caps imposed by most email servers. They added an audio meter during recording to ensure you are not peeking. The app will now employ integration into the stock media controls on the device…meaning that you can see transport controls in the lock screen. The developers have even improved the recording quality. Don’t forget the original features as well. The app has a simple interface, web server feature for easy transfer of files, will sync with iTunes if you want to, and great noise rejection.

The verdict: If you need an audio recording app that is a goto and does what it should time and time again, this is the one to get even at the price of $2.99. You may see nicer, more full featured apps that look like a pro audio solution, but why waste the effort or extra money.  For the classroom, it doesn’t get more reliable.

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