NJASA Upadate: iRecorder Pro iOS App

For all those who attended the presentation last week, I mentioned and recommended the “free” app called iRecorder. Well, this app WAS once free and is now no longer since the addition of the word “Pro.” That said, the app is an absolutely drop dead simple recording solution that will record multiple hours without a glitch with very high sound quality. It also features built in wireless synch and accomplishes the task by creating a web address which can be accessed through a desktop/laptop web browser on the same network. This app is probably one of the most used on the iPads that we have deployed. Teachers use it to record guided reading sessions, create podcasts, assess fluency, and help special needs children. I would highly recommend this app even at its $2.99 price. It is available through the iTunes store at this address.


2 responses to “NJASA Upadate: iRecorder Pro iOS App

    • Thank you for the comment. It IS appreciated. It is my hope to update more frequently but usually life gets in the way. I am on Twitter at @chepolis

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