What skills should today’s students have?

This article I found on eSchool New’s site reinforces so many important, underemphasized constructs in education today. Teach our modern students to be quick, analytical, resourceful thinkers.

Think about how quickly our society is changing. Think about the skills that were absolutely necessary ten years ago. Think about skills that are absolutely necessary today. We might still need the ten year old skills, but the big question is how we learned the new skills. Ian Jukes always discussed how today’s students need to learn how to become great generalists. Highly-skilled, one-subject-based specialists are going to become less important in the future.

Students need to be taught overarching skills that serve many different situations and scenarios. Students need to adjust, adapt, and innovate at a moments notice. Is the way we are teaching today mirroring these needs?

What are the 7 skills that mentioned in the article that all students should have? Notice that none of these skills are based on teaching one specific tool. Here they are:

1. Problem-solving and critical thinking;
2. Collaboration across networks and leading by influence;
3. Agility and adaptability;
4. Initiative and entrepreneurship;
5. Effective written and oral communication;
6. Accessing and analyzing information; and
7. Curiosity and imagination.

Link to the original article.


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